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  03-24-2018, 05:35 PM

Server Rules
No Randoming
Randoming is the action of killing a player without cause or reason. To kill, you must have a valid or otherwise realistic reason for killing another player. An example of this would be insults, or non-lethal assault (such as being kicked or receiving damage from a punch).
Attempting to rob someone of their weapons or gold gives your victim a valid kill reason against you. If a victim is to be imprisoned, but refuses, you may be granted a kill reason against them as long as it may not infringe on the No Revenge rule.
x3 Punches. 
x2 Horse Bumps.

Outlaws are KOS and can KOS. You are *not* allowed to spawn camp the outlaw camp or wait for them to leave it then ambush them. This is for an RP style hunt and chase of sorts not a TDM.

As a player you may rob up to 10,000 gold OR you may rob for 1 piece of armour OR weapon.
If you kill someone, their loot is yours. You may kill anyone seen looting it within 1 minute. You loot at your own risk.
You may not steal players carts. You may steal their horse but must detach the cart. You may take items from a player's cart but it is deemed as an act of hostility.

No Revenge
If you are killed in combat, you and your killer may not interact out of revenge or a desire to provoke combat again. This is partially to protect a victim of robbery, and also to prevent a victim from chasing down their killer out of revenge. All valid kill reasons, under the No Random Rule, are invalided on death of you or your target.

No Exploiting
Exploitation of loopholes, bugs and other features is a bannable offence without repeal. Combat logging, duplication of money and more fall under this. Abuse of bugs on a map may also fall under this consideration, if the bug isn't discovered by accident and therefore reported (via direct PM). The right to determine what is an exploit or not is reserved for the judgement of the administration.

Common Sense
If you feel what you are doing could be wrong in any shape or form, or believe the administration may frown upon your actions, do not do it. The administration reserves the right to remove any player, given they feel a slight has been committed. If the administration feels you are being overtly disruptive, you may be warned or removed. If you are robbing people of more than they have, you will be removed.

Any area where two factions are engaging in is considered a war zone, you travel through there at your own risk. 

Combat Logging
You may not log out during any form of hostilities.

War Rules
You must send a messenger to the enemy gates prior to declaring war. Wars must be fully declared with all faction members inside their castle and can only declare once their messenger returns from the enemy castle.
Messengers cannot be attacked or killed for delivering said message and all rules above apply in accordance to no randoming, etc.

Both the contract giver and receiver must state intentions in admin chat prior to action taken. Admins are not needed to approve it, simply for logging purposes. Global chat bounties are not allowed. It must be done in local chat then announced in admin chat

Other Rules/Situations not covered here
There are a million gray areas that will not be covered in every scenario with laid out set in stone surrounded by rules. Any situation covered by an admin will be at the admin's discretion. The admins word is final. If you believe an admin made a judgement error, make a complaint on the forums.
So just to clarify, if you are an outlaw people can "random" you and you can "random" others?
(03-19-2017, 02:11 PM)Uncle_Hansonite Wrote:  So just to clarify, if you are an outlaw people can "random" you and you can "random" others?
Only in the sense as it fits in RP. If you go as an 0utlaw and don't do anything but KOS you will get noticed.

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