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  03-24-2018, 05:32 PM

recruit application
Name of your choice: surf wave
In-game Alias:
Time Zone: est
Age**: 18
Recruited by*: no one
Preferred Troop Class*: sergeant

1. Why do you want to join GK?
i love hand to hand combat
2. Do you promise to follow the Golden Code of Conduct?
3. Why does GK stand out to you above the other clans*?
4. Anything else you would like us to know*?
i make music
This isn't even in the right place. The correct place is Applications under The Gatehouse.
(10-09-2017, 01:29 PM)OfMCMXXXVII Wrote:  This isn't even in the right place. 


Best of luck, Surfwave!

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