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  07-15-2018, 05:10 PM

Leewong's Custom Armors for M&B:Warband
I made this texture pack mostly for myself but decided to post it for others to try.
Almost all armors have been recolored/retextured including horses.
Fully compatible with NeoGK and Native Warband.
Hope you enjoy.


Leewong's Custom Armors (updated 3/4/18)


1.Make a backup of your Modules/Native/Textures folder.
2.Copy extracted .dds files to your Modules/Native/Textures folder.
3.Overwrite existing files when it asks.

[Image: Im4fsHY2_o.jpg]

[Image: ltqNJ3hP_o.jpg]

[Image: FouUpLAP_o.jpg]

[Image: iwnvbPPf_o.jpg]
Thanks for this. I get tired of conspicuous sarranids.
(11-27-2017, 12:54 AM)Veni_Vidi_Vici Wrote:  Thanks for this. I get tired of conspicuous sarranids.

You betcha. Prob release a new version in a few weeks. I'm not totally satisfied with the rhods or nords. Right now I am working on ground and building textures to make things a little more gritty and dark. I always felt like everything in the world was a bit too colorful and shiney.
New version posted 3/4/18.
Added a few more screenshots for folks.
Make lances opaque or into short knife textures Wink

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