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  05-26-2018, 07:08 PM

Name: *(In game name)* Bronn (different variations, Juggernaut, Orc, Goblin, etc.)
Date: *(If you can)* Today, March the 18th.
Time: *(If you can)* 2ppm-ish
Server: *US_GK_whichServer* TDM
Reason: *(Explain your situation)* Was banned in middle of a match, no warning, no reason given, nothing. I said something about killing the jew but there was someone named Jewlord which is who I meant
12:56:05 - [Orc_Juggernaut_Bronn] 1
12:56:10 - [Orc_Juggernaut_Bronn] fuck this shit map
12:56:21 - [Orc_Juggernaut_Bronn] GK is gone to the blacks
12:56:46 - [Orc_Juggernaut_Bronn] Kill the Jew

I highly doubt you "were only referring to the guy called Jewlord" seems how there were several others saying "kill all jews, hail hitler" and other shit at the same time.

Around the same time you said "GK is gone to the blacks" there was also another tirade of people saying shit "fuck niggers, i hate blacks, etc". very coincidental each time you say something similiar, there is some other excuse for it and it was just a misunderstanding.

You have been on here plenty long enough to know the rules.

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