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  06-19-2018, 12:21 PM

Archers Limit on TDM
As you may know, we're having problems on TDM with the classes, sometimes teams are almost full of archers and that kills the server population every day because people can't even move, we have been thinking about adding a limit to the archers but the problem is, the server population is always changing, so if we set the limit to 15 archers per team and there are only 30 players on the server the limit does not make any sense, so basically we need to create a code that changes based on the number of people on the server, so if there are 80 players we can set a limit to 10 archers 10 cav and 20 infantry x 2 = 80 or something like that, other ideas are also welcome. studying the code i found this 
File: madmin_presentations.py
Line 1719: #ARCHER LIMIT    
Line 1720: (create_text_overlay, reg0, "@Archer Limit per Team", 0),
Line 1725: (create_mesh_overlay, reg0, "mesh_cb_ui_icon_archer"),
File: madmin_scripts.py
Line 1503: (ge, ":class", multi_troop_class_archer),
Line 1507: (str_store_string,s1,"@There are too many archers. Please choose another troop."),
Line 1513: (str_store_string,s1,"@There are too many archers. Please choose another troop."),
Line 1599: (ge, ":class", multi_troop_class_archer),

even if this is not the answer we're looking for, these are the name of the files that needs to be edited, maybe i'm missing a file too so feel free to let me know if i should add more files.

note that we're working on a native module, so the code must work for people that does not have neogk mod. if we are not careful we may have problems like people spawning without weapons or wrong weapons because the limit is full.
We should be able to use code that works with Napoleonic Wars and maybe even Viking Conquest because it's the same engine. so if you know a mod / dlc that has this feature we may get permission to add that code to our module system.

if you have a better idea let us know! you can reply here or send a PM to me or the GK chief admins / jaXm 
Also, if there are grammar errors please fix them! i still have problems sometimes while writing on english.

[Image: 1029968.png]
For the CC events we use a different module that has a percentage based class limit option. I will look at how the code on that works and see if it's something we could use.
You could just nerf arrow/bow damage. Only top tier bows (vaegirs) are a real problem because it wasn't designed with near 100% accuracy in mind.
I think the gold nerf we did awhile back may have made the bow damage more pronounced. People cant afford good armor when they start out anymore, but Vaegir archers can still afford a war bow and the best arrows.

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