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So i spent the past couple hours writing down GK's History as i remember it. Its been 3+ years so my memory was fuzzy for some of this so the order might be a little off. Ill probably get Gowe to verify the older stuff but if someone wants to add/elaborate on some parts, go ahead. Also sorry for bad grammar/spelling, i hate proof-reading

GK History

Salamnic Knights & The Kingdom of Veluca era

During the Mount & Blade: Warband beta, many clans were being formed to solidify themselves for Warband's release. Gowe, the man who started everything, decided he would create a clan called the Solamnic Knights (SLMC). SLMC was a very successful clan but as it grew, a man called Robert decided to start a rebellion with the aid of other members who opposed King Gowe's way of leadership. Robert succeeded in overthrowing King Gowe and once he became ruler, he changed the clan's name to The Kingdom of Veluca (TKoV), named after the Rhodock town of Calradia.

Warband if you did not know used to be filled with role players and everything was done in a role playing fashion, including scrims. With the new King Robert sitting atop of the throne however, The new TKoV decided to change the entire aspect of the game by abolishing the role play from scrims and instead taking them very seriously. This change was the beginning of clan matches and the entire competitive scene you see today. After about of year of TKoV's success, their members started to slowly retire and once cRPG started to grow, Robert decided to retire from Native and pursue the cRPG mod. Robert himself later retired because of real life issues.

Golden Legion & Golden Kingdom era

Shortly after the rebellion, Gowe wanted to prove himself as a ruler and decided to start fresh and form a new clan vowing to be better than TKoV, the clan he worked so hard to create. With the help of Madoc Comadrin and Gawain, Gowe's friends since beta, they formed a new clan called Golden Legion (GL). The clan remained a small group of about 10 members for a couple months. The clan's structure consisted of one King and three Lords, one Lord in command of each class. At first, the Infantry Lord was Madoc Comadrin, the Cavalry Lord was Gawain, and the Archery Lord was Nagel who was later replaced by Wolflo. With a good foundation, GL started recruiting members.

With the clan expanding, communication was starting to become more difficult due to having a very primitive forum and members not wanting to install Xfire which was starting to get issues from its voice chat. This is when Sento convinced Gowe into joining as LoR's first clan which included a ventrilo server as well as a forum. After playing on USA_Central_POM, GK decided to start their own server and make it Siege since Battle was already a very dominate game type. With the help of Gawain and Madoc, GL Siege became one of the first servers to use custom maps. With a siege server as GL's home base and the clan forming a large player base, the clan decided they were no longer Golden Legion but Instead the Golden Kingdom (GK).

Shortly after the name change, Deaf Blind Dave joined and made the Siege server flourish with his many maps. At some point in the clans life however, a small group of friends decided to separate from GK and call themselves the Suicide Brigade who was led by Sprague. The Suicide Brigade disbanded shortly after.

On October 21th, 2010, Gowe invited a newer clan Thunder Bringer Guards (TBG) to merge with GK. Unfortunately, Robert Mugabe, the leader of TBG took offense and decided to create this thread on Taleworlds declaring a war against Gowe for being unjust. This war put both Gowe and Mugabe's rulership on the line with the loser having to leave Warband as a whole. This led to a very aggressive battle between Mugabe and Gowe that was probably one of the biggest inter-clan drama of Warband. It was planned to end with a large 25 vs 25 clan battle but luckily, it never took place because many other clans, specifically Balions, rallied to Gowe's defense to end this gruesome conflict.

On December 20th, 2011, Ghaern proposed a clan restructure which would take a way some of the Kings power and give it to the Lords. Even though this was a necessary change, it Gowe a little uneasy. Dragonhelm critized Gowe and a harsh debate went on for two days between numerous people. In the end, it was agreed on that GK would be ruled by multiple Lords instead of ruled by one person. Following this, Gowe retired from Warband but still keeps the title of King to represent the clan founder.

Throughout the following year, GK's structure changed regularly. At first, We had a non-noncompetitive branch and a competitive branch that was split into 3 scrim teams, one being Solamnic Knights (SLMC) as an homage to Gowe's old clan, the second group was the Knights of the Silver Shield(KSS) to represent a recent clan merge and the last group was Order of the Phoenix (OAS). This structure led to only OAS being successful and the rest being ignored. The structure later changed to merging all the scrim groups into a single group which to this day is known as the Order of the Reborn Phoenix (ORA). The clan later implemented a Nobility system to act as representative of the clan to aid the Lords. To this day we have become a clan dedicated to the community.

*This is still a work in progress. There are things that need much more emphasis and there are a few more events i overlooked*

Side note for those who dont know, Gowe is an RL friend of mine and he still comes over every couple weeks to play. (his PC sucks so he cant play at his place)
Wow, what a journey.
and then Lotrbfme_Elias joined and it became epic...! Lol JK JK ! wow nice storyCool
Thats going to be a tricky paragraph to write. The one with the whole coup d'etat and all. Your first version was more accurate, and if you need more content for the paragraph, I offer my point of view on the reasoning behind it. Also if the lords have plans for this story, feel free to delete my post if you don't want the newer clan-mates seeing this.

As General of the Army I was tasked to look after the morale and day to day 'needs' of the troops. Frustrations had been expressed to me in private, and over time by an increasing number of people. Escalating to the point of valued members considering things a lost cause(Server owner, anyone?).

At the end of the day it all came back to Gowe, simply because the structure of the clan made it that way. Clan direction was more of a daily thing and lots of peoples work went to waste.

So I took to the lords/gowe, in private, with some aggressive PMs, calling Gowe out. Unnamed Person publishes this on taleworld forums and our clan forums, Shit splatters all over the place and ends up with Unnamed POS demanding a vote be put to the clan and forcing everyone to choose, which was the complete opposite of what I had wanted.

2 dishonest polls later, both with the majority of the clan in support for my cause, arguing with one of Gowe's attack dogs, and FINALLY enters Ghaerns peacemaking document, explaining the new lordship clan structure and ending the feud.

Gowe and I spoke on TS at the end of it all and came to terms of friendship and peace.

He wanted me king but I denied any and all power/promotions, took a a well deserved and self administered demotion, and here we are.

A Wonderful Gaming Community and I did not have to leave in shame, known as a traitor.

so, i talked to dragonhelm and he reminded me of many other details. (we can easily double the size)

We will make this thread a GK project so plz, if any of the older members wish to bring up something. go ahead. we are also going to need someone good at writing to basically rewrite everything once were done to make it more professional since writing is my weakest trait
glad this is being done. props to you Wolflo.

understanding WHY GK is so cool, is important
It was more epic when Dragon told me his history with Gowe while we were playing Siege.


Prisoner works well with literature; maybe he can re-write the story.
If he has no time, I can re-write it.
I have been known to make all my documents sound very professional and romantic.
(02-16-2013, 02:44 PM)VinnyPooh Wrote: [ -> ]@Wolflo

Prisoner works well with literature; maybe he can re-write the story.
If he has no time, I can re-write it.
I have been known to make all my documents sound very professional and romantic.

Thanks, that would be awesome! Ill get in contact with one of you when this is done then.

(02-16-2013, 02:43 AM)Dragonhelm Wrote: [ -> ]Unnamed Person publishes this on taleworld forums and our clan forums,
Ya, i didnt know how if i should add Duke Alaric because he was co-king but yet know one has ever had contact with him aside from this event.
This is fascinating and, as a new member, I am very appreciative of the opportunity to see the struggles and history of this GK family. As with anything worth having, these struggles were probably very painful for those who preceded us. Their difficulties, however, have left us with a great group to which I am growing more proud to belong each day. IMHO, this, unaltered history needs to be recorded and, not only be made available, but be made required reading by all members. Well met!
So just remembered i missed another struggle Gowe had. This time it was with Robert Mugabe although i don't exactly remember what happened between the both of them. Does anyone have a clear memory of what took place?
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