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For starters the name is not really what its going to be(I think) I only picked the name on the forum because of my obsession with Civ V's new World Congress feature lol. I will update this post as required in the future. I appologize in advance for my bad grammar and spelling.

The purpose of this "Congress" is to try and find ways to grow, expand, or just make things better with LoR as a whole. It is also a time that we can discuss things that effect everyone(such as a site rule, a community banned user, etc.). The meetings will be open to the public on the LoR teamspeak, although spectators of the meeting will be unable to speak(Text chat should still work though). Notes, Discussions, and results of the meetings will be posted in this forum.

Now on to how the meetings will go down. Once we get a set time(we will discuss it at the first meeting but a universal time would probably be best I.E. the first full week Saturday). Each clan must have at least 1 leader, or representative attend the meeting. I know shit happens in real life it does to me as well, ill get into that more in a bit. The clans will discuss items of interest for that meeting(bringing up ideas, suggestions, recommendations, discussions, etc.) and if needed vote on them.

My original plan for LoR is still very much in my mind. I want the clans to be able to be the deciding force in things that we do. My only role is to break a tied vote if needed(so if we have an odd number of clans I do not vote I am just part of the discussion). I will also act as a sort of "Host" for the meetings, if I am unable to make it then the clan who would speak first would need to host(or if the meeting needs to be postponed that will be posted on the site).

Personally I am still fighting to get a better internet, although I am 23 years old and still living at home, working full time IT position I am just raking in $$$ and my thought is why move out when I am single only to waste money on rent lol.(although I will be paying for the internet which we decided it would be a 50-60MB connection if possible) I plan on rejoining GK, or at least do a lot more online gaming than I have been able Sad. However, I am very interested in trying to make things better especially now that we have grown and I can actually tell people LoR is not just GK haha.

The order that clans will speak will be based on the order of which they joined LoR. So for example if we had 3 clans right now first meeting GK would have the floor first, then KPR, then Clan XYZ. The next month KPR would go first then XYZ and GK.

Now if a clan is unable to have a representative being either a clan leader or appointed person(s) of that clan, the meeting can be postponed, or it can continue. If there is an item we need to vote on, the closed poll will remain open until that vote is cast. As we are still a small community a clan may also submit their vote to me if they are unable to attend.

Now there is also a forum that only Site Admins, and Clan Leaders can see, so Leaders please check there(if you can't after 1 day of this post let me know in a PM) and we can discuss a date. The first meeting will be held next month(or the end of this month if we want)

The Items I know I am bringing to the table is primarily the Website. I want some input on it and ideas on how to make it suite your clan's needs more, also with the idea of bringing the portal page back as a sort of mock vote to go through the motions lol. It also gives me some time to fix the login glitch lol

LoR Members, if you have ideas or suggestions that you want you leaders to bring(People who would be willing to do some design, I know The Mad Baron has already PMed me with an interest is something we need right now.) to the table please let them know, post in the suggestions thread, those suggestions will be brought up at the meetings.