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Full Version: 2nd Meeting
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It's almost been a month since we started this congress. Things did not go exactly as we had planned. The main discussion of that night was regarding our image, and preparing for us to hit the public stage, but creating generalized signatures to promote LoR, work on the website, etc.

The meeting will start at 6pm EST(again EST which means 5pm Central)

However, due to the "Server not responding" problem, my time was more spend getting us to a new host. However, I would like to thank Wolflo for being on top of everything, he has gone out of his way to learn how these forums work, and has even started going into design and created our current Banner.

The main topic of this meeting is my recent announcement regarding TCRG. A Planetside 2 outfit that I am forming. Clan Leaders will vote on wither or not I will be allowed to lead it(giving me 1 vote for my clan, and control the tiebreaker vote). If the vote should fail, TCRG will not have any voting capability until I step down as leader.

We will go around once more and toss ideas around, or bring up anything that leaders feel they need to bring up.

Clan's will speak in the Following Order:
KPR - King's Prussian Rifles
GK - Golden Kingdom
TCRG - Those Cool Red Guys(if above vote passes)

Next week the clan's will speak in the following order
GK - Golden Kingdom
KPR - King's Prussian Rifles
TCRG - Those Cool Red Guys

Comments, suggestions, topics you would like us to discuss please post them here and depending on the amount of questions the community posts we will try and answer them all at the meeting(if we can't answer them beforehand here)

I hope to see a lot of you there!
Just to remind people that Lords/KPR leaders are obligated to join this meeting and will be the only ones with talk power. (hopefully the time works for everyone)
Also the TS channel WILL be open to the public however but they will be muted (channel chat will be available)

I would like to suggest a few topics for the meeting:

-With the new GK Lords, we should do a quick overview of their role within LoR and the guidelines to follow.

-Zaffa ban.

-Forum theme(s)? (should we have multiple, if so which ones)

-Forum plugins. (I have a few that GK would be interested in)
Technically each clan only needs 1 representative but if everyone could make it that would be cool to lol
Will not be there.
If none of the Lords are able to attend I would be willing to, I should be around. But I doubt they would need me, sure someone will be there.
I'll be there.
Just a reminder, this is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6pm est.
Meeting in 15, guys.