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Full Version: 2nd Meeting - 09/07/2013
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Well, we had our second monthly LoR meeting. Participants were Sparhawk filling in to represent KPR, Ancalagon & Dman for GK, and Sento & Wolflo for LoR.

The meeting contained a lot of fluff information but the main consensus is the following:


I - The decision regarding TCRG's LoR voting right is postponed until it is fully established.

II - We will be creating a thread to discuss the addition of multiple forum themes.

III - For the sake of the GK nobility elections, we will be testing a poll plugin to facilitate the process. Confirmation will be given if it works.

IV - A thread will be established to explain Teamspeak server group abilities.

V - GK Channel admins will be promoted to Server admins

VI - We will be introducing a media subsection under the LoR forums for those interested in anime, MLP, etc.


Thanks to all who showed up!