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Full Version: Aqaba (TDM)
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Map Name: Aqaba
Creator: Kong Ming
Description: http://www.leagueofrevolution.com/showthread.php?tid=3118
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I planned on revisiting Aqaba's spawns soon, since they're currently random and players are spawning within a couple feet of each other.  Im not sure whether to keep them random but spread them out some more, or have both teams spawn on opposite sides of the map and focus the fighting on the bridge. Also thought about adding some archer shields on the bridge just to provide some cover, and a few rooftop ballistas for both teams.

For you guys who've played this, any ideas? Basically just need to know if its worth fixing or not.
Yea, spawns on that map are terrible, especially when the map just starts, i usually spawn next to 10 enemies :/ .
Also about the map, i guess launchers(flaming arrow launchers if possible) will be better than ballistas on the roof, as the launcher can continue firing for a long time while ballista only shoots for once, which gives ppl using them a chance to change where the launchers aimed if they aim it wrong before starting shooting.
Also a 3rd bridge in the center might be good as it takes a loooooooong time to go to the bridges on the far right side or far left side and then go to the other side of the map.
Thanks Big Grin
Worked on it today. I pushed both teams spawns near the back of their respective sides for a couple reasons. One so that they aren't taking fire immediately after spawning, and two in hopes the map will now be more of a struggle for the bridge. Didn't add a 3rd bridge because there wasn't any room, but I did throw in some mini archer shields across the bridge and on either side for some cover.

Both sides now have launchers too. Ones a 25 single shot flintlock ammo, the others an 8 shot arrow barrage launcher:
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Also filled in the market since all the stands and shelves were empty.
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Lemme know how it goes.