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Full Version: Server Donations/Contributions
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Please use the link below for all donations to the server. This link goes directly to the server into the "coffer" and cannot be moved from there. Once donated it can only be used for the server.


Note that JaXm is the server manager, the money does not go to him, it goes into a dedicated account with NFO for GK purposes. 

Monthly Cost: $93

Due midnight on the 18th of each month.

Your personal coffer (donation account) currently contains: 81.80 USD.

Last updated: 1.15.16

This will be updated as soon after the payment is made as possible so we know how much we need for the coming month.
added 10 $
$10 added to the slush on this holiday season.
Happy holidays everyone! Donated.
Thanks everybody!
donated :-D
Sent $10. Happy new year!


When can we expect an updated coffer? Smile
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