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Full Version: Scrim challenge
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Would GK be interested in a scrim against the Rebels this weekend? Some have said we would just get rolled, but I'd like to guage our progress (or lack there of) nonetheless. Being a ten month old clan it's about time for GK and the Rebels to have their first formal scrim. What say you warriors of the Golden Kingdom? Smile
I say yes
I'd be up for it
I wanna play too Big Grin
If I'm not working this weekend.. Shore
hmmm only four.
I can make time for it.

Prefer kboob rules.
(05-05-2012, 03:06 PM)Ancalagon Wrote: [ -> ]I can make time for it.

Prefer kboob rules.
I prefer k-boob as well. It will have to a pick up scrim tonight since i've already schedule another scrim for tomorrow. Maybe I can round up some rebels.


Urmmm... Im on trial... But if im allowed I'd join, You could always use more meat sheilds! Wink
Panda, official scrims are handled by the CB branch otherwise know as "ORA". But at the moment we seem to be AWOL