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Full Version: SAO Thoughts by Triad **(Slight Spoilers)**
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So I just finished watching Sword Art Online. I thought it was well drawn, fun, entertaining and fairly original. I would also say it is worth watching.

(WARNING INCOMING RANT) ----> SAO was good up till the end of episode 14. After that it turned into cliche, stretched out crap in my opinion. The story was pretty endearing and tight while in the world of SAO, and even the anticlimactic final battle with the game designer wasn't portrayed that bad. Instead of wrapping it up nice and tight, they stretched it out with some unbelievable and boring excuses, and tossed in a really cliche, easily hated antagonist. Another game and people stuck in it, AGAIN! Where the hell is the regulation of games and such in Japan, honestly if an event like what happened in SAO ever happened, any system remotely similar to it would be shelved indefinitely. Yet mere months after people awakened, HEY LOOK A NEW GAME JUST LIKE THE ONE THAT TRIED TO KILL US!!! OOO I WANT TO PLAY!!! OH AND LETS USE THE SAME GEAR THAT TRIED TO KILL US TO BECAUSE THAT IS DEFINITELY SAFE. Yeah right, get out of here!

Whats worse is even after they wrapped up the 1st season, I now know that the characters ONCE AGAIN will get stuck in the VR world in a different game and are fighting for their lives in the upcoming season 2, according to the manga. This series is quickly starting to feel like COD to me. All COD games are generally the same mechanics, gameplay, etc except they skin and texture the games differently to match the setting for each. Thus the games come out as unoriginal and boring overpriced BS. SAO dev community seems like all they are doing is coming up with new names for games that these idiotic kids can get stuck in and then play their way out of.

To me at least that is freaking boring and a waste of my time. I will honor the first 15 episodes of SAO for the cool anime that it is, as for the rest it doesn't exist to me. Like the Alien Saga, Alien and Aliens are amazing and there are no other films after that for me.

So I will say watch SAO, it is fun and slightly intriguing. Enjoy it up to the end of episode 14. After that watch at your own risk of ruining the series for yourself.

These have been the opinions of Triad, thank you for your time.
Additionally the suspension of disbelief is tough for the first season. These helmets are supposed to microwave the brains of people who take them off and you can't simply unplug them because they have battery backups. Why not take out the battery... If there is no battery, then there is no power and no power means no one's head gets microwaved. Additionally even if they didn't take out the batteries they could unplug them and the battery would most definitely die well before 2 years, let alone 2 days. Also if 4,000 people died, which is a hell of a lot of people, there is NO way a system like that would be developed months after an even like that, and there is absolutely no way the original system would be allowed for use by people.