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Full Version: World Of Tanks, a Beginners Basic Guide
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The GKAD has a lot of newer members to the World of Tanks community, and tend to have questions that any newer player would have. This guide is set up to be a bare bones basic guide; eventually I will make one for more complex functions, but (to use a warband analogy) you need to learn to manual block before you begin to feint spam or range control.

The Basics:
To begin with you need to be ready to die. A lot. You are one player of fifteen for most battles, and statistically you will only win about 50% of games, even in games you win you die sometimes. It is a bit harder to carry with pure skill then it is in warband, but you can still have a decisive impact on the battle.

You should all be aware of WASD controls and the concept of driving a vehicle. Ground types effect how well you can move, incline effects your speed, if you go downhill and try a sharp fast turn you can flip over.

Ultimately the major way to learn how tanks handle and how to play them is to try them out and see what works for you. Everyone has a different style of play and will find different tanks enjoyable.

Combat Basics
Once you pick a tank and hit join battle you are thrown the the wolves. There are several important things to remember to try to get the most out of your tank. First off, you have more armor in the front of your tank, facing the enemy is a sure way to get the most of your armor. If you peek out of a corner and have your side showing, that's just begging for a shot to hurt you.

A second thing to remember is that armor weighs, if you have a fast tank, odds are you don't have the enough armor to trade shots with other tanks, you need to rely on speed and stealth to flank more armored tanks; never try to trade if you don't have the armor or HP you need.

Finally you need to strike back. Every tank has a gun, one. Some tanks visually have more then one, but you only control the main canon. Typically you want to get a gun that can pen the armor of enemy tanks, usually the top tier gun you can research is the best.

Map Thoughts
There are a couple types of cover you can utilize when playing World of Tanks, usually called soft cover and hard cover. Soft cover gives you a camo bonus; if you hide in the bushes you are harder to see, and how dense the foliage is effects how well it hides you. Hard cover is cover that can not be shot through, there are two types of this too. Hard cover that can break, like certain types of houses, and hard cover that cannot be broken like rocks and brick buildings. When using hard cover you need to peek out or set up so that you can shoot over with only your gun peeking out and present the smallest possible target to the enemy.

Another thing to consider is gun depression (how low you can aim). If you cant look down far enough when you crest over a hill, it might be wise to let someone else go first, or go somewhere else.

Fun to Play Tanks
So, like I've said before the best way to figure out what you want to do is to play. Well, this section is meant to give you some good tanks to play for several particular roles.

Light Tanks;
The German Pz I c is a great to play tier III tank that exemplifies how light tanks should roll. It is a small fast tank, it uses a auto-cannon instead of a single shot, but it can punish most tier III and IV tanks, as well as some less armored tier Vs. it relies completely on speed to avoid being hurt.

Medium Tanks
Because of the nature of medium tanks, there tend to be no low tier tanks that are good at the typical medium skill set; they all have a critical loss of one of the various jack of all trade things that medium tanks need. At tier V, the T-34, the M4, and the Skoda T 34 are all good.

Heavy Tanks
The British Matilda is a medium tank (tier IV), but its speed and armor makes it play much like a heavy and it can go toe to toe with any tier IV heavy and win. Rate of fire and penetration are it's strong points, dmg is only done by quantity of shots fired.

The French AMX 40 is an odd light tank (tier IV), much like the Matilda it plays like a heavy. It's armor is slightly less then the Matilda, but it is rounded and angled to bounce many shots.

Tank Destroyers
For tank destroyers, almost everyone has some quality that makes them good, with the exception that in low tiers you tend not to find any with high armor that some German and British lines get. The marder and the SU line for German and Russian are typical good TD lines to play in general

Derp Tanks
A derp tank is a tank that uses a high explosive shot that can take out tanks in one hit, but with long reloads and bad aim.

The German Hetzer is the king of derp tanks, a solid tier IV Tank destroyer with sloped armor and a powerful gun, it can take out many tier IV tanks in one hit, and some of the weaker tier Vs as well. Even if you don't kill what you hit, you can bet you've taken out modules and crew.

Finally, you can find my older guide here.
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