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Full Version: GK Siege Event
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Hey Y'all! As your new evil dictator Enlightened warband community manager, I'll be hosting a siege event this...

Sunday the 12th, @8PM EST

Hope to see new faces and old as we gather together to celebrate the return of NeoGK to our servers. 

TS Address: ts3.gkserver.us

Edit: Link to the Updated NeoGK


Easter Cow

cool BEANS
Too late for me but I hope you'll have fun guys.

Long live GK.
servers been updated? siege back up?
(02-08-2017, 09:58 AM)VinnyPooh Wrote: [ -> ]servers been updated? siege back up?

Yes, and it will be
message me if siege becomes popular again ;0

Bump me when its on
Armored Saint and I were just reminiscing about good and bad times and maps on siege. So many good memories.

Anyway, I won't be able to attend, but I want to know if this event will convert TDM into Siege or is this a relaunching of the siege server. I'm hoping it's the latter because siege could potentially stay alive even after the event. It also did pretty well before the invasion update.
I asked that a couple of days ago and Marquis said it will be on the GK Siege server.
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