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Full Version: Ban Appeal
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Name: Toast
Date: 12/28-12/30?
Time: n/a
Server: *US_GK_siege*
Reason: Myself and a friend both tried getting onto USGKSeige today and we found that we were both banned and we're not sure why? Siege is our favorite server to play on so we're disappointed in our inability to play on it now.
You shouldn't have tried to turn our Siege server into your personal playground by poll banning others.

Copy-paste the rule you broke from our rules list and I will unban you. Your friend will need to make his own appeal.
"Article 3 ~ Trolling - 'Trolling', defined as significantly and/or intentionally disrupting player(s) from game play on the server and/or significantly and/or intentionally attempting to disrupt the admin(s) from executing their duties. Such activities are not allowed."
Unbanned, have fun.