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Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Sento - 02-01-2012


Ok so I know obviously there may be an issue with email.  That aside however things are progressing at a good pace from what Madoc told me.  It seems so far like everything is working at people have access to the right stuff that we have added so far.  Over the next few days I will also be getting the Absurdity crew to get on here and use their forum. 
  As for style and look of our new home I have actually taken a look at themes and we found out a number of things.
1. with our new home we can actually make it so when you click on a clan's part of the forum the style changes accordingly and it is completly customizable so for example GK could edit the top banner as well as the layout(All I ask is that somewhere in the banner is League of Revolution or LoR and no wolflo I do not mean in 2 font size lol)
2. The current themes I have seen so far suck majorly so I am still looking around.
3. I did find one theme so far for the Minecraft section lol, I have put it on so you can feel free to click on the Minecraft section to check it out, dont fret when you click back to the main forum you should see the default theme again Smile

Now that the forum news is out of the way I can get back to league news which will come in a new post but not right now since im already typing here lol.

The only real major news announcement I have is that during our move and merge with Absurdity sparked an interest with the GK Rebels.  They are currently deciding wither or not to join LoR as a clan.  This would mean for the first time we will have 2 clans with the same game part of our community.  Normally I would frown on this as I would only like 1 branch representing each game; however, with this unique situation of it being GK Rebels, and the friendship between the two I see no reason to stop this. 

A while ago I had promised that as LoR grew I would give each branch a voice in decision making aside from me standing on a podium and dictating what we are gonna do and expecting all of you to shout "HIEL SENTO!".  Well I have not swayed from this, especially if GK Rebels joins LoR we will have a total of 3 Branches in LoR which will give us the ability to work more as a community when it comes to decision making.  I will have more on this a little later while we still get the forums situated.  You all may now chant Hiel Sento  8) Wink.


Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Eidridin - 02-01-2012

(02-01-2012, 09:47 AM)Sento link Wrote:  expecting all of you to shout \"HIEL SATAN!\".
This what I thought I saw.

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Sento - 02-01-2012

Whats the difference?  8)

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Vendigr - 02-01-2012

Are we going to have a section for the GK CB branch again? ...Or maybe I'm just not in the member group?

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Guardian - 02-01-2012

(01-31-2012, 07:17 PM)Ghaern link Wrote:  Good chance I won't be available for practice tonight - Harald mentioned he won't be able to either.  This would be a good opportunity for Guardian to take the reins.

sorry. was at school until really late last night. otherwise i would've led practice, although i heard you guys just had a scrim with the rebels...

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Wolflo - 02-01-2012

(02-01-2012, 05:41 PM)Vendigr link Wrote:  Are we going to have a section for the GK CB branch again? ...Or maybe I'm just not in the member group?
I believe Madoc will add it either today or tomorrow.

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - MadocComadrin - 02-02-2012

CB section is up, but  no member group yet. The war room is for competitive discussion whether or not your in the current competitive group, while the General's Quarters is for the competitive group only. Please use the honor system while the group is getting set up.

@Sento: I think people can't post in the LoR general chat and SPAM sections atm. I think I fixed it, but you might want to double check that it's right for what you intended.

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Nevino - 02-04-2012

it finally let me log in  ;D

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Eidridin - 02-04-2012

Can't access the SPAM section of the forum.

Re: Welcome to Our New Forum! - Nevino - 02-05-2012

this is the only thread it will let me reply to  :-[