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Preliminary Vote is over! - Sento - 02-22-2012

That is right our top 3 picks are in as follows

League of Revolution - 7 Votes
Team Stackers United - 4 Votes
Integrated Gamers - 4 Votes

Now that these are in it is time for the clans represented to vote.

At the present time only Golden Kingdom and Absurdity are represented by the LoR community(although we have 2 more groups in the process of coming in)  So I will shortly be messaging the leaders of these 2 clans and ask for their vote.  How their clan votes is theirs to choose wither it be another poll in their section of the forum, vote by the leadership, or a dictator declares what their vote is.  The Preliminary vote shows the leaders what the public has voiced(even tho tbh not many people voted which I am a little disappointed lol) so it is now in their hands.

In the event GK and ABSD do not pick the same name(which Im thinking will be the case tbh lol) we will hold off until 1 of the 2 new groups to join and caste their vote to break the tie.  The name that wins will forever represent our community.  Our domain expires this coming march which means this is the prime time for us to change who we are. 

After this change we will begin advancing forward in trying to grow as a community.  I am also looking forward to getting an actual website up that we can use and actually looks half way decent, however, we will just proceed one step at a time.

I will post the winning name(or if their a tie) when I get responses from the 2 clans.  I am giving them 1 week to make a decision just as the preliminary vote was(primarily because this month is almost over and if their is a tie I gotta get a name before we end up with no site lol)

Re: Preliminary Vote is over! - Guardian - 02-22-2012

May I ask what the names of the 2 new clans are?

Re: Preliminary Vote is over! - Sento - 02-23-2012

Pandoian Knights(I may have spelt that wrong) and GK Rebels

GK rebels it will be some time before they even get word to me about their request

Pandoian I have their forum setup I just have to get to it thats the Nord Invasion Mod clan for Warband.

Problem is Im still unsure how I feel about 2 clans in 1 game but idk lol I dont really see a problem with it given the relationship with GK Rebels and the fact that Pan is from a Mod of Warband

Re: Preliminary Vote is over! - Sparhawk - 02-23-2012

It is spelled, "Pandion Knights" and either way, it makes no matter to me if we get a separate vote. We could act like the NI people are something like GKs without the tags... It would get complicated if the GKs in NI got another vote.

EDIT: You said the NI forum is set up?

Re: Preliminary Vote is over! - Sento - 02-23-2012

no its not I gotta still set it up I will get to it tomorrow after work unless madoc gets on and sees this and just does it lol