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News Update 2/25/2012 - Sento - 02-25-2012

Hey everyone,
  Just a quick news update as I will be gone all day Sat I am going to meet my new nephew Smile

The latest news is there may be a WoW guild joining us as one of our Absurdity Members started playing again and got sick of every guild being boring so he made his own and wants a home lol.  Even convinced me to get back on lol(Will I ever find time for Warband?) So once I get the details that will go underway.

As far as bots go ever since I installed the anti spambot picture we have gotten 0 bots(unless a few are already registered from before lol).  The admin approval method is working out nicely both myself and madoc can see the members awaiting approval in a nice dialog when we login to the forum so no more email spamming Sento when 20 people join lol.

I am still open to suggestions for the forum layout etc as I believe madoc is also open to suggestions feel free to PM either of us.

When our name is fully decided we will be then thinking on an actual website as in not just a forum but a full blown site for our community.  I am also open to suggestions on how that should look.
  All I have in my head atm is a main page basically like we had on the enjinn forum were the latest news is posted, who we are, what groups are in the community, etc.  So if you have suggestions please let me know Smile

Everyone have a good weekend I will return tonight but when I get back I have to go right to bowling and bowling = drinking so lol.


Re: News Update 2/25/2012 - Wolflo - 02-25-2012

Shout box + an area linked with the calendar to mark if there are events happening today. A view of the Teamspeak server. Birthdays(?).

Re: News Update 2/25/2012 - Ancalagon - 02-25-2012

Should jump in duel with me Sento.  8)