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Name Decided! Among other things 3/9/2012 - Sento - 03-09-2012

Alright the tie has been broken by GK Rebels.  Snoop's vote went to staying "League of Revolution".  I am sort of surprised at it since like I told everyone here LoR has only real meaning to me, but hopefully one day it will have significant meaning to everyone.  The name is now locked and will never change!(unless I leave but im pretty sure if that happens no one is gonna stay in the community unless we are actually larger lol). 
The sad news of the week is the WoW guild unfortunately will no longer be joining us.  The plan of them joining was kind of shot down from their leadership who don't appear to ever want to have a website let alone they prefer skype over TS I guess.

The good news about this week aside from GK Rebels settling in is an old friend of mine Chemich who was originally one of the founders of LoR isn't exactly coming back to help me but he is looking to get a TF2 server for us and run his own little TF2 clan.  More information on that should come this weekend but that would bring our community up to 4 clans from our previous.....uhh...GK lol.
The next major thing on my agenda as for as LoR goes is to put our donation method into play.  I touched basis on this a while back and got it all set up just not active.
  I still have to meet with madoc to go over some last min things regarding GK's server box, but the donation system I THINK is going to work like this and I am open to suggestion(in my head this seems ok Tongue)

- GK Members who put money into the GK box will still count as donating to LoR(Cept its going to madoc not the LoR account)

- Anyone(including GK) Who donates to the LoR account will be recognized for that month(when the website is actually fully up).

- At the end of each month the donations in the LoR Account will be divided evenly among the various things that require a monthly fee(Servers, webhosting, etc).
  - This includes the TS3 Server that is being hosted by GK.

This means the more donations we receive as a community obviously the more upgrades we can get.
There are requirements to get a cut of the donations, however, I will not go into that as I am still trying to tackle that part.  So for example if a new clan joins are they entitled to an immediate cut of the monthly donation(Which I know at the start isnt gonna be very much I dont think lol). Also I believe it will be a choice for whoever is  currently paying for whatever wither or not they will receive donations.  Finally, should any of the money be set aside for a sort of savings for when either something major happens or we want to branch out somewhere.

Again I am open to suggestions and I know this whole donation thing is a big step and really isnt gonna get a A WHOLE lot of support(even tho I plan on contributing Tongue) it is still something that needs to be done and addressed.
Looking into the distant future obviously is the actually construction of a full blown .com web page for our community.

Again if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc feel free to post them here or send me a PM directly Smile


Re: Name Decided! Among other things 3/9/2012 - Chemich - 03-10-2012

Also you should mentioned about [GiH] Gentlemen in Hats, LoR's newest addition!

It's a TF2 clan, with a server (it's own.)


Feel free to drop by, everyone's invited. Recruiting will start when sento stops being lazy. Tongue

Re: Name Decided! Among other things 3/9/2012 - Sento - 03-10-2012

always one step ahead of me...

Re: Name Decided! Among other things 3/9/2012 - Chemich - 03-10-2012

I just do your job better.

And yes:

[GiH]Chemich: I told ya I'd work on the TF2 server
[GiH]Chemich: yeah 'cause GiH is my only clan atm
[GiH]Chemich: so I'm going to make it in an image without cockfags xD
Sento: 5 bucks says you get a cockfag
[GiH]Chemich: You're joining?
[GiH]Chemich: lol
Sento: I saw that coming
Sento: lol
[GiH]Chemich: Big Grin

I am >:3