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Calendar Ready - MadocComadrin - 02-07-2012

The Calendar is ready to go!

You can find the Calendar on the menu strip that appears on every page (between the "My Messages" and "Members" menus). If you cannot see the option, or you have some other issue, let me know.

For members who can add events
to the Calendar (Currently Moderators; Absudity Members; and GK Lords, Nobility, and Server Admins), you can create an event by choosing "Post Event" in the drop-down menu, or by clicking the "Post Event" button when viewing the Calendar.

When creating an event, the Title and Date are required. You can (and should) also link the event to a post. To link an event to a post, first make the event, then in the "Event Options" check the "Link Event to Post" box and choose a board to post the event in. The page will then resemble the "New Topic" page, where you can enter in the message for the original post (use this to describe your event and enter in additional time information). Click "Post" when you are ready to post the event. A thread will automatically be created in the board you chose.

If you have and questions, let me know.

Re: Calendar Ready - Wolflo - 02-07-2012

Is it made so GK members cannot see Absurdity events? or ABSD members cannot see GK events? If it isn't, would it be possible?

Re: Calendar Ready - MadocComadrin - 02-07-2012

For the actual calendar part, I don't believe so. IE, they will be able to see the event on the calendar, but they won't be able to see the threads that they link to if they are on a posted in a part of the forum they don't have access to.

Re: Calendar Ready - Wolflo - 02-07-2012

Alright, also is it possible to color the event inside the calendar? IE, a scrim could be written in red? Would going "[ color=red]Scrim against...[/color]" work under event name?

Re: Calendar Ready - MadocComadrin - 02-07-2012

Unfortunately, no. Using tags would probably be the best bet.

Re: Calendar Ready - Wolflo - 02-07-2012

Alright, still nice to see a calendar though, beats nothingĀ  Smile

Re: Calendar Ready - Guardian - 02-09-2012

i can't see the calander... Sad

Re: Calendar Ready - MadocComadrin - 02-09-2012

Does it just not show up, or can you not see the link?

I just did a double check (both logged out, and with Test set up with the same permissions as you) and I can see it just fine.