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News Update LoL, Minecraft. 4/15/2012 - Sento - 04-15-2012

Hello all, I trust all of the problems we have experienced from switching forums are going away.

If you are still having problems feel free to let us know. We can't fix them unless we know about em.

As you have noticed there is an Other Games Forum now for just that. We have added a couple of the more common games but more may get added over time. These are games that are not really clan based but more 'hey lets play' based.

You can read the League of Legends post I made for information on if you have a ranked team forming or formed.

As for Minecraft I have updated its forum with Absurdity leaving I am sure the Server will be a little friendlier now. You can check the Minecraft forum for rules and such and I hope more people will start to play as it gets rather boring with the 3-4 I usually see playing on it.

As Always let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding what was said here or anything else LoR Related Smile