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Scrim challenge - Snoop - 05-01-2012

Would GK be interested in a scrim against the Rebels this weekend? Some have said we would just get rolled, but I'd like to guage our progress (or lack there of) nonetheless. Being a ten month old clan it's about time for GK and the Rebels to have their first formal scrim. What say you warriors of the Golden Kingdom? Smile

RE: Scrim challenge - cyrix - 05-01-2012

I say yes

RE: Scrim challenge - Vendigr - 05-01-2012

I'd be up for it

RE: Scrim challenge - Sarah - 05-01-2012

I wanna play too Big Grin

RE: Scrim challenge - Jytrem - 05-02-2012

If I'm not working this weekend.. Shore

RE: Scrim challenge - Snoop - 05-05-2012

hmmm only four.

RE: Scrim challenge - Ancalagon - 05-05-2012

I can make time for it.

Prefer kboob rules.

RE: Scrim challenge - Snoop - 05-05-2012

(05-05-2012, 03:06 PM)Ancalagon Wrote:  I can make time for it.

Prefer kboob rules.
I prefer k-boob as well. It will have to a pick up scrim tonight since i've already schedule another scrim for tomorrow. Maybe I can round up some rebels.

RE: Scrim challenge - Panda_Pop - 05-08-2012

Urmmm... Im on trial... But if im allowed I'd join, You could always use more meat sheilds! Wink

RE: Scrim challenge - dman248 - 05-08-2012

Panda, official scrims are handled by the CB branch otherwise know as "ORA". But at the moment we seem to be AWOL