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GK Pictures! - Jytrem - 02-08-2012

This was required.. So I'll start! [Image: 2012-02-08_00002.jpg]

Re: GK Pictures! - Vendigr - 02-08-2012

Ahh finally a new score pic thread, I've had this one waiting for a long time... I'm not even this good anymore Tongue

[Image: Screenshot2011-09-07at103158PM.png]

Re: GK Pictures! - Harald - 02-08-2012

Jytrem, get that ping fixed!

Re: GK Pictures! - Jytrem - 02-09-2012

(02-08-2012, 01:26 PM)Harald link Wrote:  Jytrem, get that ping fixed!

Didn't stop me from racking up those kills with a military cleaver, lowest rhodok shield a chainmail coif and shoes. All game. =P (I'll probably never be able to do that, again)

Re: GK Pictures! - Guardian - 02-11-2012

vendigr. how?

Re: GK Pictures! - Darius - 02-11-2012

Wow Cool...

Re: GK Pictures! - Vendigr - 02-12-2012

(02-11-2012, 11:51 AM)Guardian link Wrote:  vendigr. how?

Lol, can't say I know how... It was on that map Birchinstein (sp?) Castle by Nordous. Usually I don't do very well as offensive cav on that map but that day the stars were aligned or something.

I wish my mouse would work like my old one did then Sad

Re: GK Pictures! - MadocComadrin - 02-12-2012

Anyone grab any pics from BOAT TEAM last night?

Re: GK Pictures! - blair15 - 02-14-2012

here's a pic I took, nothing special.
[Image: 8FD4021A4150A8DB28A87C84F7F957DA66E0A016]

Re: GK Pictures! - Lamk - 02-19-2012

Hey Blair, How is it called the program you use on ts to see players on your channel?