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Question for the Minecrafters - Sento - 07-25-2012

One of the perks of this new job im working has introduced me to some cool gamers. 2 of them I am currently talking to about getting a dedicated server. Not just a dedicated server but actually building it ourselves between the 3 of us and dropping it in Chicago to use. We would also like to build one for DayZ but we will focus on minecraft for now. Between the 3 of us we should be able to maintain this(not to mention one of them is a Minecraft God). So I am curious how many of you would support this venture? It would ultimately be a public advertised server to try and promote our community and get more groups.(not to mention they also have friend of their own that would join us)

So id like to hear thoughts as well as please use the poll to show your support or lack of same.

RE: Question for the Minecrafters - Chemich - 07-25-2012

"I would if I could," blame student loans, cable bill, and life expenses. You're on your own if this happens.