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DnD Redux - Derpy - 05-14-2016

So, like I told you all, I'm making a new campaign; and I'm sure a lot of you are asking 'why'. Why do all this work when you were in the middle of something, instead of working on that. Well, I got bored. It happens. But, also, I think many never fully grasped what the place of Avernum was, of how long they were stuck down there, of the injustice they suffered, the hardships they faced, the terrible war the fought through. We just popped up, and were like 'we found a way to escape'; no connection to the world they are leaving, no concept of the world they are going back to. It's mostly my fault for failing to narrate it better. A huge reason for that was that it was my first D&D campaign (as a player and a DM) and I didn't think I could pull it (it being both a better narration for why and the campaign set in this time period) off. I learned a lot from that campaign, and not just about rules and technical things.

Well, I suppose I've revised my initial thoughts in that regard. Not only do I think I can pull it off, but on looking at the work I've done for both, it might just be easier. That could be an illusion because I know more now, however.

In any event, as you might have guessed, this campaign will take place in Avernum 'proper' in a time before our previous campaign. If you paid attention to the history you might have some guesses as to the general course that events will take. I don't suppose it will be too much of an issue, as the setting and personal interactions are what I think are the most fun parts.

This time around, I want to be able to do a bit more with the player characters and having them have some interactions custom tailored if I can; in any event I want a more in depth history of those seeking to spend time in this world, which brings me to...

What I want from you before I start;
Days of the week you are available (time too if it applies, like after #O'clock)(I don't care when you're not available):
A guess of how long that will for for you (like, until school starts again in august):
Character Name:
Character Class:
What your Character has been sent to Avernum for*:
A brief history of your character**:
Something your character fears***:

Only the first three need to be posted in this thread, others can be PM'd to me if you want the party to learn that through the course of the game.

Please note, I wont be considering a character this time until they are fleshed out a bit. I had months in our old campaign, and things I wanted to know about party members were never developed enough; same with my own character, but I didn't want to spend all session talking to myself (PC to NPC). I want them to have a bit of depth to them that I can utilize.

*Reasons for being sent to Avernum are varied, and under the current administration of the Empire people being sent there has increased then under the former rulers. If a band of rebels stayed at your inn, and you didn't know who they were, and they got busted; odds are they would be killed and the inn keep and workers would be punished by being sent to Avernum. If you don't fit into the social harmony as imagined by the local ruler, you could be sent to Avernum; say you worship a god that is chaotic, and refuse to follow certain conventions, like bowing to the local lord when they ride by on horse. If you're a family member who openly rebelled or fought the establishment in some way, you could be sent to Avernum as a punitive act against the fighter. If you, for a really good reason you need to tell me, asked to be sent there.

** I don't need years or dates or ages; I'm looking more for you to think about how your character got to where they are today. Their parents, what they did for a living, how it effected them growing up, did they have any interactions with the establishment, did they grumble being on the lower end of the social scale, as you grew older did you follow in their footsteps or go your own way, how did you make a living until you got jailed and sent to Avernum, what event got you jailed and sent to Avernum.

*** I'm not talking about the weak flaws listed in the player handbook, I'm talking about a real fear, something they feel in their gut, even if they can overcome it. Heights, deep water, total darkness, creepy crawly things, enclosed spaces, death, public speaking... I don't expect this fear to stop them in their tracks, but when faced with it they might pause for a second and go 'why did it have to be snakes' before confronting the issue (they are, after all, a hero figure). If you can work it into their history so much more the better. (like, a group of bullies locked poor character into a trunk when he was younger for a day, and now small enclosed spaces make him anxious, I dunno).

A couple more things to consider, you will be starting out this campaign in complete destitution, nothing but the clothes on your back. It's a rough place down in Avernum, not everything is fancy iron and steel, stone and bronze equipment will probably have to be used by the party for quite some time; Stone will have a -2 and bronze/tin/junk metal will have -1. A stone dagger, for example, would be 1d4-2. Like before, the evil aliment is off the table for party members, I don't want them fighting each other. Also, I intend this to be a mix of fighting and social interactions again; I liked the city stuff, so I hope I can work more of that in, but no promises.

I think this is the last thought I want to impart; in the past we had one night where we spent a fair number of hours playing. What would people think if we had a couple nights (like after GK practice) where we spent like one or two hours? We tended to get started quick and move along at a good pace.


The story and lead-up: Show

RE: DnD Redux - Derpy - 05-14-2016


So, I'm going to use this second post so people can know where I am in how much of the world has been built.

Avernum: Show

RE: DnD Redux - Lion - 05-14-2016

This sounds great derpy, if I were staying around over the summer I wouldnt hesitate to sign up.
Good luck!

RE: DnD Redux - CarefulDeath - 05-14-2016

Name: CD

Days of the week you are available (time too if it applies, like after #O'clock)(I don't care when you're not available): Seems like I'm on 1st shift now so available most evenings unless things happen.

A guess of how long that will for for you (like, until school starts again in august): Well, until they decide to schedule me for something else other than 1st shifts.

As for the remainder of the other questions, I can send them to you in a pm at your leisure whenever you'd like. Just let me know when.

RE: DnD Redux - Derpy - 05-14-2016

Whenever if fine; sooner i get stuff, sooner i can work more things into the campaign.

RE: DnD Redux - Shawrin - 05-19-2016

Name: Shawrin

Days of the week you are available (time too if it applies, like after #O'clock)(I don't care when you're not available): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well as all day Sunday.

A guess of how long that will work for you (like, until school starts again in august): So long as I draw breath!

Character Name: Illiya Sanrys

RE: DnD Redux - Hodor - 05-20-2016

Hi! I'm interested, but I don't start my new job until the first and I won't know my schedule until then.

What edition do we play?

RE: DnD Redux - CarefulDeath - 05-20-2016

Well, we've been using 5th edition rules, with some improvisation on things when some things are unclear. It's not a bad ruleset, certainly better than the 4th edition.

But if you're interested, roll up a character, I think we have pretty good fun during the sessions.

RE: DnD Redux - Derpy - 05-20-2016

we play 5e, i'm sure you can find resources for it on google if you don't have the PHB.

Detailed background on bits of the surface, so you don't have to crawl through the old thread.

Spoiler: Show

On a final note, I'm debating house rules on the continent you come from giving a bonus and a negative effect; thoughts? It could be a terrible idea, but it popped into my head when i was working on dnd stuff.

Aizo: Imperial Ambition; +2 strength, -1 wisdom
Praglad: Bureaucratic Minds; +2 intelligence, -1 dexterity
Vantanas: Frontier Survivors; +2 wisdom, -1 intelligence
Valorim; Hardly settlers; +2 constitution, -1 charisma  

RE: DnD Redux - CarefulDeath - 05-21-2016

I certainly wouldn't mind it and would add a little more context to your character. I do have some questions though, would these replace the bonuses from racial traits? Or would they stack with them? If they stack and you're worried about some folks having a really excellent stat, it might be good to consider feats to represent the areas as well. Just another possibility.