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GK Update - Veni_Vidi_Vici - 09-13-2016

This has been a long time coming.

  • Because of insufficient leadership volunteers the clan has been temporarily restructured.
  • Chief Admins have been separated from the Lords.
  • Chief Admins only have emergency powers outside CA stuff. The clan will need to approve anything big.
  • Interim Chief Admins were appointed, or approved. Myself, CD, Hodor, Arilyn, and Matheld
  • Lords and Nobles have been abolished. (Sorry Spar, thats what we voted for, but I doubt anyone minds you being an honorary lord for the time being)
  • Rhapsodos is still handling applications and policy threads.
  • Don't worry about promos. If you have been around for a month and somewhat active you can vote.
The Khergits.

Based on the poll the chief admins decided to re-add khergits to rotation with half the frequency of appearance. I am still making this happen. Should be within three weeks.

TDM Changes

Population has been raised to 100
Round time is now 25 minutes instead of 2 hours

A mapping group is sorta functioning again. Please PM or steam message me if you would like in.

RE: GK Update - Shawrin - 09-13-2016

To those who are stepping up to keep things up and running, thank you!

RE: GK Update - GwaeBloom - 09-15-2016

I can't believe where this clan has gone, but again thank you for keeping us alive. I am honoured to be part of gk. Thank you