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NeoGK The GK version - Veni_Vidi_Vici - 12-31-2016

UPDATE: Maps are in; but they are also probably broken. Please reply to this thread with which maps and how.

The invasion update that taleworlds did broke NeoGK so I am going to do a quick Q/A.

1. This other server got stuff to work, why doesn't yours?

A: I am not the original content creators, nor have I done too much besides add maps and adjust weapon availability. Adding/removing stuff is easier than making scripts that work. Most neogk stuff is script based. It really doesn't help that one of the main contributors didn't speak english (and didn't put in many comments). I am working as fast as I can in my spare "working" time.

2. What is a time frame for getting stuff done?

A: Tomorrow I will be patching the server to use maps that don't rely on neogk stuff; and neogk items. It will take effect New Years Day. Getting scripts to work will take longer. Admin/player features will come first. Catapults etc will come later. Maps will need updates, maybe a couple will get entirely remade. Volunteers would be helpful.

3. Seriously, Mount and Siege has this stuff working, why not you?

A: Our modules diverged a couple years ago. Taleworlds changed the functionality of a lot of the underlying code; and some of the changes we made since the split conflict with the changes TW made. I am not sure which they are and there are hundreds of lines of code that need to be in a very specific order. I might be able to roll back stuff, but it would be at the loss of the player damage board and the online players which I find more important. It would also be much harder for me to reprogram those if I did so.

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Johny - 12-31-2016

Ty for the work done yet btw, lucky to have you

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Jimmy Forte - 12-31-2016

You are beautiful Veni and are very much appreciated.

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Saigun - 01-01-2017

u da best

[Image: eyes.gif]

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Rubbing - 01-01-2017

Caravan Ambush seems to be broken since the server won't download the map. It just freezes up when I try to join and the population is currently at 0.

Same thing happening with Rocca Di Mezzo.

RE: NeoGK The GK version - radrikanjanis - 01-03-2017

whats happening with siege? i havent seen it in weeks....all i see is the TDM server...its been playing well and populated, so its working

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Jimmy Forte - 01-04-2017

I think that pretty much all of the Siege maps were busted?

RE: NeoGK The GK version - JaXm - 01-04-2017

TDM is on native only maps except for a few custom ones that arent broken...

RE: NeoGK The GK version - Veni_Vidi_Vici - 01-04-2017

Rubbing and I are trying to troubleshoot. We might rebuild the server files ground up. The testing dedi is working fine for at least some of the maps currently listed as broken.

RE: NeoGK The GK version - KingArthur - 01-08-2017

@Veni, can you unswer to my pm, please ?