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Donations needed - JaXm - 10-01-2017

Hey all. Well I had alot of stuff come up in my life and I am completely 100% broke. I was hoping my account would be under the already overdrawn limit to allow the server payment to go through today but it rejected the payment.

So essentially I need people to donate to the server to keep it running. It will be suspended by the end of the day today. I have submitted a ticket to the hoster requesting a couple more days, not sure if that will fly though.

Donation Thread:

Oh and if you wish to contribute to the "JaXm is broke and needs food fund", here is my paypal:

Thanks all, hope we can keep everything running

RE: Donations needed - Paradox - 10-01-2017

How much does the server use per month?

RE: Donations needed - JaXm - 10-01-2017

Total of $190, we sitting at $140 right now

RE: Donations needed - JaXm - 10-01-2017

Actually I just refreshed and we have the full $190 now thanks

RE: Donations needed - JaXm - 10-01-2017

Yea we all set now Thanks to the people who donated!

Feel free to donate some money to my paypal folks, could definetly use it Wink