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TO THE DROP IN/DROP OUT TEAM KILLER ON TDM - Odo de Barri - 11-22-2019

You know who you are:  SoB, Duck1e, etc etc (note the number vice the letter L).  

I was going to research every ID issued that is even similar to yours and arrange a retroactive, multi-perma-ban.  However, I thought about what you are and how difficult life must be for you.    

I thought, in the end, you are burning a lot of resources and personal time simply to try to disrupt the pleasure of others.  In short, my strongest reaction was not the need to punish you, but the need to pity you.  Being socially disabled to the point at which you currently exist must be very difficult.

I know that the post above will appear to some to be disingenuous; however, it is not.  I hope that whatever it is in your life that is causing you so much angst and insecurity is fixed.  Your current actions are not dank or cool or whatever.  They are selfish and self-destructive.

Good luck to you and, some day, you may even learn to play nice.