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Clan Meeting - Rhapsodos - 12-23-2019

This is mostly for those who don't use Discord, but we are going to have a meeting some time this week (most likely looking at Thursday 8pm EST) to discuss changes.

RE: Clan Meeting - Rubbing - 12-26-2019

Meeting was moved to Friday.

RE: Clan Meeting - Sparkygravity - 12-27-2019

I was on holiday, are there notes?

RE: Clan Meeting - Rhapsodos - 12-27-2019

It's today.

RE: Clan Meeting - Rubbing - 12-30-2019

So from my understanding, there won't be many changes at this time. The basic points from the meeting were:

1. I am going to be taking over the server payments and receiving the money from the Patreon.

2. I am going to be getting full access to the server for remote access, setting up FireDaemon, starting up new game servers, setting up users, etc.

3. Veni and Rhap are also going to get access to the server, so that if I am unavailable they can handle any issues that might come up.

4. CarefulDeath wants to be more involved on the admin side of things. Not quite sure what this entails yet but we're going to discuss it at a separate meeting.

5. No other changes that I can think of? Jaxm is still sticking around he just doesn't want to deal with the finances, so he will still be around to assist with any issues.