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  09-21-2020, 08:03 AM

Having problems logging in? Read here!
Alright, hopefully this works.

1) Go into command prompt


ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns

Clear cache from EVERY browser, you can use "Ccleaner," download here.

(You can do it by yourself manually if you don't want to use ccleaner)

Run it, and boom.

Restart, and see if it still works. If not please be patient. Whatever the problem is, *IF* there really is a problem. (Which is why we do this)

For Mac and Linux users, you're on your own. (hopefully you can do the same thing here)

Edit: All else fails? You may need to wait it out, Sento previously had a redirection setup so that -may- be the reason why. Though it's gone, it could still be active. The Administration team apologizes for any inconvenience.

dey derkur jerbs
Just a note. This has worked for a few people and not others. From what we see now, it seems to be fairly random whether or not you can login or not. Still trying to find a permanent fix.

EDIT: For now we are going to wait for the night and see if its going to fix itself overnight. For now, be patient plz

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
It has come to my attention that users that didn't access the older installation are not having problems. You may need to clear out your browser history ENTIRELY, or just wait for the old "hard cache" to expire (in which case it will reset to the server side's cache.) "No cache headers" have been enabled to avoid the problem in future upgrades and/or modifications.

I've run multiple tests (server side) looking for errors, none have shown up. Skimmed the php info and all database settings are nominal, so please just be patient and wait for the hard cache to expire. Why it isn't auto-resetting itself, I've no clue other than the "bad" installation may have caused some sort of mirrored, or anti-lock code to transpire (laymen's terms, out with the old in with the new isn't happening.)

Any further questions can be directed by PM or posted here.

dey derkur jerbs
Please tell me this issue will be solved soon... seems to be a lot of work to simply browse a forum.
first time I loaded the new forums I had problems logging in. I think I managed once to get in. Afterwards I was unable.

I fixed the problem by doing a "lost password" query. changed password and everything worked out. I havent had any problem so far. Dunno if that helps.
I can second the above notion. I did the lost password query and BAM Im now in Smile So people give this a try Smile

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(04-08-2012, 04:02 PM)Sento Wrote:  I can second the above notion. I did the lost password query and BAM Im now in Smile So people give this a try Smile

Worked for me aswell. Good job Lor.
who would have known...Lor saved LoR Dodgy

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