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  03-31-2020, 05:36 AM

GKAD application
Name of your choice: Eaglebird

In-game Alias: eaglebird11
Time Zone: Central
Age**: 18
Recruited by*: LANDALORE
Preferred Tank Class*: Heavy/medium

1. Why do you want to join the GKAD?

I've been playing 2012 and I absolutely love WoT, and why not play with in a clan such as GKAD? The clan's morals and rules are perfect and I want to make my clan mates proud and to have fun.

2. Do you promise to follow the Golden Code of Conduct?

I promise.

3. Why does the GKAD stand out to you above the other Tank Companies*?

I noticed the kindness of one of their members and it persuaded me to want to join because those are the kind of people i want to be around.

4. Anything else you would like us to know*?

Lets have fun and rule the battlefield

I'm going to fly like an Eagle for this clan and its mates
I have diabetes but that wont stop me

I think I'm cool

Hi, nice to meet you

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