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  06-19-2019, 02:54 AM

Age of Empires 2 4v4 Tournament *Prizes Included*
Greetings Friends (... and Romans... and Countrymen),

In the interest of stimulating activity in those old-time strategy games we all know and love, I will be hosting an Age of Empires 2 HD 4v4 Tournament for this upcoming summer. 

Important Information

Sign Ups: End 1st of June

General Format: 4v4 Single Elimination

Essentially, every team which signs up for this will be added to a bracket of players, who will each face one other team each week as they progress up the bracket, until eventually one team is left victorious.

For Each week, teams will play in other in a Best of 3 (First to 2) Format*. 

*Note, because AoE2 games may range anywhere from 1-3 hours, it is not expected for teams to complete all their matches back to back, or even on the same day. They simply have until the end of the week's deadline to complete all their matches. Should both teams be unable to agree on a specific time, one will be provided by the admin's discretion, and all players who can make such a time will compete to determine the winner of said stage.

Map: Depends on the week (Each tier of the tournament will have a specific map, such as black forest, arabia, coastal, etc; Nomad will be disallowed.)
Factions: Team's Choice (I am not restricting the factions, it is the players' prerogative to know the inherent strengths/weaknesses of each faction. Likewise, I am not requiring mirrored matches between factions. I believe it is more interesting to allow for wider gameplay. Lastly you can change between games.)
Map Size: Giant
Resources: Standard
Population: 500
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal (Starts Unexplored)
Starting Age: Dark
Ending Age: Imperial
Treaty Length: None
Victory: Conquest
Teams: Locked
All Techs: Off
Team Together: On
Lock Speed: On
Cheats: Off (Duh)

Screenshots will be taken by captains of both teams of 

a.) The lobby once all teams have readied up and the match is in the process of being launched
b.) The scoreboard of the overall statistics following the match


Record the game and upload the replay file.

The host should have a good enough PC to record in game.

Team Format: 

Each Team may consist of four (4) or five (5) players, consisting of 4 starters and one backup in case of emergencies.

Each player is required to have an affiliation with a warband clan (or the game itself) in order to participate. The goal of this tournament is to form a competition between warband players in an RTS style game, rather than attempting to draw 'professional' AoE2 players onto your team in a bid for victory.

It is strongly suggested that each player possess, in addition to the game 'Age of Empires II HD', at least [i]one DLC[/i] (Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, Rise of Rajas). Those that fail to play without at least one DLC will (as per the game mechanic) be reduced to choosing out of a pool of 6 factions that are randomized. Obviously this may have severe repercussions on their team's overall gameplay. The new ruleset will be considered the default. All 8 players must agree to downgrade.


Now, while I may hope that many players will sign up for this simply to enjoy the game, I am not above a little persuasion as well. Therefore, the winning team of this tournament will receive $80 (US) in steam gift cards as a reward for victory.

PS: To those viewing this thread, you are not required to sign up on the forums nor post on this thread. Simply message myself or Veni with your team, and should you fulfill the requirements, you will be added to the list of teams.

Assured Victory: Marquis, Veni, RubbingMyAxe, Fox
Bread and Butter: Ron Burgundy, Mad Dawg, Unix, Cru

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