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  11-17-2018, 03:47 PM

(07-17-2018, 02:55 AM)amberteresa Wrote:  I haven't found the satisfied answer for this problem so i want to ask once again. Many Thanks!
So I have zero knowledge of anything monitor related so if someone could push me in the right direction for a budget friendly monitor it would be highly appreciated.

My personal favorite is Samsung. Every one I have owned still works and looks great including my old CRTs. Most of the monitors you would buy have samsung internals in them anyway. LG makes some great stuff and is my second choice.

A few tips not brand related:

Look for low response time. The lower the better. That is the time it takes for a pixel to go from white to black (on to off). If it is high you will get muddy textures and blurring with lots of motion.

While a refresh rate of 120Hz is great it isnt necessary if you are on a budget. 60Hz is about half the price still.

Dont buy a TV with HDMI and expect a good picture....get a monitor.

Here is a decent one from Newegg:

or if you want to step it up a bit:

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