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  09-21-2020, 08:25 AM

Welcome to Our New Forum!
Hello everyone,
  Welcome to our new home Smile

Please be patient while I work on setting this up(and hopefully madoc will be on to help as well)

The old forum is backed up and accessible to us so no worries just be patient while we move stuff.

I will post another announcement when everything is good to go Smile


[Image: vrRUxdy.png]

[Image: Leia-and-Chewie-300x195.jpg]
No problemo amigo!

[Image: 9.jpg]
Nice. I have too things though.

1. Will we get a chance to be able to re-access the old forums to retrieve posts(i already backed-up the Barrack section for GK, im just worried about others)

2. Im Canadian. How am i supposed to know how many stars are on the US Flag when registering!!!?  >Sad (yes, i used google to answer)

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
Good chance I won't be available for practice tonight - Harald mentioned he won't be able to either.  This would be a good opportunity for Guardian to take the reins.

And Wolflo, whether you know or don't doesn't really matter as, yes, you can look it up - bots won't look it up and won't get in.  But yeah, 50 states, fifty stars.
heh, its still a complaint thats easily fixed  Wink ( i think )

I just think the old question was better (1 apple + 2 apples = how many apples Tongue)

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
How many Maple leaves are on the Canadian flag.

[Image: Leia-and-Chewie-300x195.jpg]
ello everyone Smile

I have an unban request from Negrito. He was drunk and says he's sorry.

"I personally like many of the GK and considered joining before I woke up hungover in the rebels camp." -Dag

All hail the rightful Queen of the Golden Kingdom!
really wolflo?  Your our next door neighbor and you dont know our flag thats sad... I know for a fact Canadia's flag has a picture of a maple syrup bottle Smile

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