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  07-09-2020, 03:44 PM

Portal Status
So I hate myself for it, but I can't seem to remember where I disabled it... Deactivating the plugin didn't work when I was trying to get rid of it and I know I had to change a file so that the lor.com would go to /index instead of /portal. Im still looking I know it's somewhere I just can't remember...

Also I will be looking into a new portal plugin which should give us more customization and even user customization(if I read correctly). I will look into it a bit before my Vacation and I will try setting it up when I get back.

So anyway the portal page will be up soon It's just hard to look for it while trying to pack my bags(and do a little gaming before I am without internet for 7 whole days Confused)

EDIT: Sorry I hit the post to quickly.

There are also some changes coming to the forums to clean it up a bit as I feel like the LoR category is a little to messy.

The changes I am planning so far are moving the Other Games, and SPAM into the General Chat Forum as Sub Forums, that change will happen probably Tomorrow(or tonight depending on how fast I can get the portal back up)

If you have not already done so please head to the suggestions thread and check out the Banner Suggestion Thread and let us know what you think about what's being shown. When I get back from my Vacation I will be posting a poll for the current submissions and see what you members think we should go with.

Finally again if you have not done so please check out The Current Congress Post on Clan Requirements and let me know what you guys think(Yes Ancalagon I know about the server errors haven't found a solution yet...)

Any additional Suggestions feel free to post them in the Suggestion Section. To any of you that may play other games this is also a Call to Action, feel free to spread the word of our community, as we go forward we will have signatures, posters, etc that we can advertise ourself so we can expand and grow. Our goal is not to expand quickly it's just to expand in general. I'm thinking if we get 2 more clans I may close recruitment for a while because I don't want us to explode lol.

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How about switching to a better hosting company so we dont have to click refresh for 10 minutes just to get on the site or make a post?
I have to wait till I get back from Vacation since I will have limited access to the internet up in no man's land lol. I plan on switching to a new host the weekend after I get back.(which would be the 24th) So we will be moving soon.

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Still wasn't able to find that stupid thing... Oh well I have a different Portal Plugin to try anyway that apparently lets us customize it a lot more than we have.

When I get back from Vacation the first order of business is a new host, after that I will set this new portal plugin up. I will have a semi internet connection to which I could probably barley browse the web and might hop on TS to chat if it's a shitty day up at the Cabin, otherwise I will be soaking up some sun, drinking some booze, and sleeping Smile

Have a good week everyone!

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I wish I knew what you were talking about, since I always use the Portal to review "posts since you last visited" and "today's posts" and have had no problems with it (besides the problem everyone has with the general site occasionally) ever. Must be going right over my poor layman's head. Smile

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Well the portal page is this specificly: http://www.leagueofrevolution.com/portal.php

the "posts since you last visited" and "today's posts" can be accessed on the top right of any page and arent part of the portal page itself.

As you can see in the previous link though, it needs some work (announcements are going off-screen). If possible and Sento allows it, i would like to make the entire left panel a teamspeak viewer and maybe add a shoutbox. There is also a plugin that limits the amount of characters that are displayed in the announcements before cuting-out, that way we don't get GK policy changes that fills up the entire portal.

There is another more advance plan we have in mind however it all depends on how much customization we have access to.

Also i guess ill mention this now, if anyone has php or webdesign experience, could you let us know? Sento and I only known the basics so it would be nice if we had someone to ask for advice.

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Junior year (Last year) I had to make a bunch of websites from scratch as school projects (Mainly Dreamweaver and Wordpress).

I can help if you need it.
Not sure how many times I have stated my web design expierence and my dislike of this current site (mainly the hosters)

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