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  07-09-2020, 04:27 PM

Those Cool Red Guys
Hey everyone, Since I am to lazy to setup the forum for it at the moment. I decided to start a Planetside 2 TR Outfit called "Those Cool Red Guys". {TCRG} I was going to call it Those Red Guys like we were going to a while back, but the tag was in use so I decided to add cool in it. I will dedicate myself fully to this game until I find someone capable to lead it for me.(might just lead it for a while though been a while since I took on a clan lol).

Normally the process of a clan joining LoR would go to a vote in the Revolution Congress. I am using my position to prematurely pass it, but we will still have a vote, next week the clans will vote on wither or not I will be allowed to lead it. The Rules in LoR setup at its founding state that no clan leader, or anyone that has an internal influence(for example owning the website, or a server in the clan in question, etc, etc.) may hold leadership in more than 1 clan that would give him more votes. This is to prevent those people from taking advantage of certain things(although tbh we are all pretty cool with each other) so technically I am not allowed to lead a clan without the other clan's approval(technically that would give me 1 vote for my clan, and the tiebreaker vote)

I will setup a small forum later and will start recruiting tonight. I will not setup a TS channel until we get going for now we will use the Planetside 2 one. Below is the basics on how the outfit will work.

Recruitment - People are free to join the outfit it is totally open recruitment. People in the first rank of Private need to register on our site, and post in the recruitment post I will make. Not sure if I will make it as elaborate as GK's recruitment, but for now it will just be simple.

Command Channel - TS will serve as our outfit's command channel. Anyone who wants to command squads during alerts will be required to be in TS.(before alerts and such it won't matter as much to me) and also be a Captain rank or higher.

The Ranks are as follows.
Fuhrer - Myself obviously gets to do whatever pretty much XD

Field Marshal - This rank may promote members, kick, recruit, etc. but mainly these will be those allowed to command the platoons during Alerts, and can assume platoon control over a lower rank at any time.

Captain - This rank can recruit, but mainly these will be those allowed to command Squads during Alerts, they may also assume command over an outfit platoon by requesting it to the Platoon Lead.

Member - The bread and butter, these guys have registered on our site, have been recognized and accepted into the outfit. They are free to create squads with our name, and platoons provided there is no alert, or previous squad/platoon started.

Recruit - Someone who just got recruited into the outfit and is under a trail basis. They must register and post in our section to be promoted(this may change).

At this time I have no plans to get anymore serious than the above stated. As we grow I may approve of creating special squad groups such as an Air Force, Cavalry Brigade(armor), Special Ops, etc. as I see other outfits doing, but at this time I have no plans for it. For now I just want to get some membership and have some fun.

If any of you guys that play Planetside 2 want to join up I would REALLY appreciate it. I will give you what rank you chose depending on what you would like to do. Post here, or send me a steam message I am already messaging those I know that play the game.

Suggestions please feel free to post them. I am taking the initiative after being in a few outfits and seeing how they start up. I did try and get 2 outfits to join us(1 with 700 members, another with 100) but both(although very newly formed) wanted to be on their own first.

See you guys in the field!

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I don't play the game, but Sento, I have to say. You seem like a cool dude. Why don't you just play with all the other cool people we have who are already playing together on a nightly basis?

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Personally I dont feel the "Fuhrer" thing will fly too good. Wayy too deep into suggesting Nazis.

Plus, we pretty much just play and have a good time together, we don't usually get too much into the outfit thing working on some grand master plan, just bomb around and kill shit.. Pretty sure I speak for the rest of the current planetside 2 people....
I'm not saying it always has to be like that. I'm not forcing anyone to join It would help to try and recruit and get more people into LoR as a whole. Also joining would at least stop any pesky invites you get Tongue aside from you Jaxm cuz your apparently in my old outfit lol

Also Fuhrer is nowhere near Nazi only. That happens to be the German word for Leader, and I like the word and wanted to be a little creative with it.

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Look at Sento, expanding and shit.

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Ya Vinny. Besides Planetside is a very popular game to get a lot of membership. Find 1 or 2 good recruiters and total memberships can soar past 200, while actively around the 60-100 range. Not saying we will have 60 more people in TS(although we might), but still expanding Smile

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I'd totally join but my computer can't handle Planetside.

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Get a better computer?

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Looks cool. Im getting a new comp sometime soon and I'll try it out

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"In my humble opinion, I thank GK - it's members, it's supporters and it's leadership for holding this game up for me and alot of other people. May it hold this game up for another six years, and then another six after that." 
(08-28-2013, 05:18 PM)Sento Wrote:  Also Fuhrer is nowhere near Nazi only. That happens to be the German word for Leader, and I like the word and wanted to be a little creative with it.

And the Swastika dates back possibly 5,000 years to India, but I wouldn't suggest trying to use it as your symbol. Smile

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