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  09-16-2019, 06:32 PM

Anime Suggestions
(07-08-2015, 11:44 AM)Eidridin Wrote:  I finished Psycho-Pass season 2. The movie is going to be great when it does come out.

Like I mentioned in the OP + ED thread, I watched it all and it was great. Movie was really good too.

[Image: meWCZmj.png][Image: 9CsjuZz.jpg]
Blood Blockcade Battlefront is fun too, enjoying that right now, and Terra Formars Revenge aka season 2 is very god thus far

Ah, keeps jamming up!
[Image: 639_no-steam-for-mass-effect-3.png]
Not sure if there is any Anime interest around here currently but I am half way through season 1 of Angels of Death currently airing on Hulu and its pretty cool.

I just finished Tokyo Ghoul (IMO... amazing season one, season 2 is fine and season 3 is kind of messy and disappointing).
I was searching for something to replace Tokyo Ghoul and came across Angels of Death.

The synopsis is a 13 year girl mysteriously wakes up in this multilevel building that has serial killers of varying taste and styles on each floor. She forms a partnership with one and they try and find a way out through solving puzzles and killing.
The mystery as to why everyone is there unravels slowly but at a satisfying pace. There is of course a lot of murdering and such but I assure you its very tasteful.
I'm hoping the last half of the season doesn't mess up a good story so far.

Steins;Gate is next on my watchlist.
Steins gate is great, there are a lot of good stuff to watch, what kind of genres do you like? 
I am truly just starting to explore Anime. I am going to try out some Seinen and Mon series to start. That seems to be where my taste currently lay.

I liked the real life settings and relationships they explored in Tokyo Ghoul and I liked seeing Kaneki and Touka develope their relationship.

Its overwhelming how many Anime shows are available on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have tried a few out but knew right away I would not love them.

I tried Death Note for 2 episodes and it was fine so I may go back and watch more.

When I was a kid (I'm 49) I used to run home from school and watch Star Blazers (aka Space Battleship Yamato). This would have been around 1980. I knew it was cool and different but I had no idea I was watching Anime. That show is now considered sort of a grandfather of modern Anime.
Hmmm there are good stuff waiting for you, like code geass or durarara, i highly recommend you to create a list if you plan to watch more, here isMine, i dont know that much but i know that some of the best stuff is a bit hidden so you can use anilist as a browser, myanimelist is also good but i like anilist more. 
That is some list of shows you have watched. Thanks for the link to anilist.

I see you watched Overlord... I had that recommended to me. I had watched sword art Online (it looks like you hated that based on your score) I really liked the first 15 episodes. I wish they had just ended it there. I'm learning a bit more about the different tropes and nuisances of the various genres. The stuck in an mmorpg idea I like.

I don't love the aesthetics of Overlord animation but I can't stop watching it. It feels like a guilty pleasure. I am nearly done with season 1. there are 3 seasons now on Hulu. I'm not sure if you knew that.

Code Geass looks cool. I will see if I can find it to watch somewhere.

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