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  08-07-2020, 01:31 PM

The Golden Code of Conduct
General - For all situations and mediums: ingame, forums, voice.

- Courtesy - the most important value of the clan.  Show respect to EVERYONE: clanmates, other players, other clans; no one is exempt.
- Civility - keep a level head and your communication (spoken or typed) polite.  If you feel like raging, take a minute to settle down don't just explode.  Expletives are a waste of breath, there are more useful ways of saying things, therefore keep their use to an absolute minimum (if you must, then just use them out load - keep them out of voicechat or writing).
- Community - We are all in this together, we all have roles to play.  Work with one another and help one another.  We are all of equal standing, the only difference is our levels of responsibility.  Serve the clan and it will serve you in return.
- Composure - We are all members of the clan and therefore represent the GK name.  We must be examples to one another and to everyone else.  Set a standard of good play and sportsmanship.  Don't be idiots or assholes.
- Constancy - Show commitment and loyalty to the clan, thereby being member only of this clan and no other in Native Warband.  Being a part of clans for other games (or other Warband Mods) is aside from this, providing dedication is maintained toward us.

Events - Includes scrims and community events.

- Communication - keep your input within the teamchat interface; only leaders should be using global chat to speak with the opponent for organization.  Exceptions are for praise of enemy acts though even these are best left until the end of the match.
- Listening - listen to the commander and try to do what they ask.  Realize that sometimes individuals might have to die in order for the clan to succeed.  If you take issue with a situation don't argue about it at that time - talk about it after the match has ended.
- Speaking - should be minimal unless you are designated to provide it (ie, a spotter or you are asked, as a group or individually by the commander).  Most input should be brought up after the match has ended.

Leadership - For Members of the Leadership Council

- Do your best for the interests of the clan on the whole.
- Keep an open mind during discussions and while listening to others - don't dismiss anything outright.
- Acknowledge your personal standing - if you know that you cannot uphold your responsibilities it must be brought to the attention of the Leadership council so that the situation can be addressed.
- May act individually in the best interests of the clan in a measured capacity, but must bring forth the action to the Leadership council for verification and discussion as required.
- All major actions must be discussed prior to being carried out.  Changes to clan policy, structure, etc on the large scale.

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