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  07-09-2020, 05:57 PM

Website Upgrade Complete but with some issues

The website has been upgraded to the latest version. However, this did not go smooth at all. When the upgrade was complete the forum got completely wiped along with our database which should not happen whatsoever.

The reason it took so long to get back up and running is whatever happened also deleted our backups. Thanks to a feature called "History Viewer" we were able to find the latest backup.

The forums have been restored to 1/12/2014. I have now changed the backups to go Daily instead of weekly(which I thought was already in motion so chainsaw can beat me up now...).

I have updated the forums countless times and never have I experienced this bullshit. I have had issues when we TRANSFER between webhosts, but never from a simple update. I literally went through the upgrade process after restoring the forums EXACT same way I did this morning, and everything was fine.

Please let us know ASAP if you have any issues with the forums. I will see about restoring the other features later tonight or into tomorrow morning.

SIDE NOTE! if you are missing an attachment I think I can use this same way to restore that attachment. There will be a post in the support thread for it soon, but I need to look in the location they are stored to see if I can restore them

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
Thanks for the work, Sento Smile

I gotta say, I think the site looks cool white. May just be me though

[Image: ExperteeFin_zpsf89541f4.png]
"In my humble opinion, I thank GK - it's members, it's supporters and it's leadership for holding this game up for me and alot of other people. May it hold this game up for another six years, and then another six after that." 
Message From Veni to all GK Mappers

All mappers need to get a hold of him asap for Map backups.

We have found some issues in the permissions and we are working to correct them let us know here if you can't see something you should

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
Sheesh, i come home from work to see a broken forum...looks like i cant leave Sento unattended. :/

(01-18-2014, 08:45 PM)ExperteeAtSnipingThee Wrote:  Thanks for the work, Sento Smile

I gotta say, I think the site looks cool white. May just be me though

Ya I agree, the current default style does have an appealing touch to it. I just find it blinding. Also apparently the old forum theme is no longer compatible so ill get Sento to download a couple. Ill make a post later on regarding which will be the default/how to change.

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
I updated the theme for the site, if you want to use the default them follow the below:

Go to User CP-->Options(left hand side)--> Board Style(bottom right) and change it to 'Simple White' that will give you the default theme of MyBB until I get more themes uploaded.

Its a process cuz of the latest update apparently all these themes have many security threats which are just misprints in the php code as per the latest update, but they usually work just fine. Please let me know if things on this theme do not work and I will try to fix them.

Additional themes will get added in the next day or so, I will just need to test them to make sure they actually work.

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
Ill also do some updates to the current theme so that its a little more functional.

EDIT: Well, its mostly good now. If anyone notices anything wrong with the new theme that deserves a change. Let me know!

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
I think spoilers are broken.
Spoiler: Show

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Ya, we lost most of the plugins during this. we should have them back today.

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