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  09-16-2019, 06:43 PM

Friday Event
Was an awesome event!!!

[img][Image: BUBU-AFICHEgk-petit_zps06139f77.jpg][/img]
So sad to live at the other side of the world.....

I could name myself Tsagaan_Saraana, pretty beautifull.

Lilwenn = white lily flower = Tsagaan Saraana in Mongolian

[Image: elf-archer_celtic_png_350px.png]
Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera.
For the Record, that was my stupid ass that got kicked from the catapult firing...

Ya know it should be fixed so the server auto kicks the idiots standing in front of it while everyone on TS is like SOMEONE FIRE THE CATAPULT!!!

WELL I DID! Did I say I was a good shot? NOOOOOOOOO.

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
Lmao Sento. I only got to participate for like 10 mins but it seemed very enjoyable. Thanks Veni Smile

[Image: ExperteeFin_zpsf89541f4.png]
"In my humble opinion, I thank GK - it's members, it's supporters and it's leadership for holding this game up for me and alot of other people. May it hold this game up for another six years, and then another six after that." 

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