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  07-09-2020, 04:44 PM

Sorry for Absence What's happening this weekend
Hey everyone,
Sorry about being absent this week, this is around the time the big brass comes out and inspects everything so I have been stressed with that and unwilling to do much lol.

This weekend I will be gone Sat, but Friday and Sunday I am going to get our security plugins back up and running, as well as spoilers.

Also for anyone interested with RUST I am still messing with the loot tables to make a more primitive environment.

What this means is Primitive items are craftable, while modern weapons are not. Modern weapons can still be found, but I am making them more rare as well as not able to craft ammo, make them slightly more rare, and increase their values so when you do find them you don't feel like the 5 9mm ammo is going to really be worth it lol.

I am hoping they add more weapons but we will see as time goes on, once these changes are made I am going to start publicly advertising the server in addition to the 5-6 regulars that login every day.

I will let everyone know when the above items are complete.

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
cool. i may start back up on your server.

i appreciate it, that does sound like more fun in some ways.....it seems once you have a gun, you have esentially won the game...
I'm hoping to see flintlock weapons personally lol

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]

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