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  06-18-2019, 01:03 AM

2-25 Practice 8pm
We'll be having practice tonight as usual at 8 pm on US_GK_Battle_ENL, password: practice. I'd like as many MoB and Rabble as possible to attend, since we'll be refining some of the tactics we used in our recent scrim. As always, the rest of GK + friends are welcome and encouraged to come too, and we'll have a fun scrim component as well.

Pronunciation of name: Link Here Rolleyes

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1223]
I'll try to make it, no promises though

[Image: ExperteeFin_zpsf89541f4.png]
"In my humble opinion, I thank GK - it's members, it's supporters and it's leadership for holding this game up for me and alot of other people. May it hold this game up for another six years, and then another six after that." 

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