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  01-26-2020, 08:35 AM

Forum Revamp
Hello folks, Chemich here.

I've added a TON of new features to our forums. Namely the sidebar; portal (homepage,) xbox live thingy, steam thingy, social sites thingy, a thanks thingy, and other crap I just felt like randomly adding onto the website.

The themes are temporary until I make one for us, which may take awhile so just get used to the two themes provided. Unless if someone else wants to make it, that's up to you. lol

Anyways I'll be taking suggestions for plugins, features, pages, etc...

As far as I know the login issue has been fixed, just reset your password and you should not have any problems whatsoever. Make sure you have an active email account, and make sure there's no typo's... I don't feel like resetting everyone's crap.

Wolflo has been made a moderator now! So if you post crap that doesn't need to be posted it'll either be deleted, or you'll be getting a temporary ban (if so he see's fit.)

I'll be adding more features, and third party integrations as we go along. For now I'm going to work on getting us a respectable theme (although this one isn't too shabby.)

Hopefully there will be no issues here on out, thanks everyone for coping with the change!


dey derkur jerbs

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