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  07-09-2020, 04:46 PM

Final Forum Optimizations.
Fixed a few security issues relating to exploits (sql injections, php fakes, possible ddos exploitations...)

Layman's Terms: All known bugs and glitches fixed.

Anyways, I made a "cache exploit" plugin for those of you still having the error, apparently it's just a minor security issue in any CMS/BB coding. Easy fix really, hopefully it helps some of you with the issues. However it's my last and final attempt to fix it, so from here on out there's really nothing I can do.

Layman's Terms: Attempted to fix login problems, if this doesn't do it nothing will.

Forum has been 100% completely optimized, all cache has been rebuilt from the ground up, reinitialized certain php/https protocols (just because for some reason they weren't working.) You all should now communicate with the site better; timeouts though have been increased, delay and lag has been dramatically decreased.

Layman's Terms: Your internet should "like" the site alot more.

Also, I've made it impossible for bots to register. Literally if they get through this someone's manually entering them in (who would have THAT much of a vendetta against a lowly gaming community such as ours?) I've added security questions; hidden captcha's (of which can only be seen by the bots, but must be completed in order for them to register via cron.) I've added an anti-delay proxy negotiation for registering as well, so any new members have to register via their REAL IP. Proxies however can be used if you're already registered, I'm not that much of a control freak.

Layman's Terms: 'Bots' will not be registering, proxies will not work during registration.

I'll be working on the aesthetics of the website, adding a favicon, a logo, and even some improvements through the CSS styling sheet (as you can tell I've already widened it.) Soon this will be a more than respectable home for us all, hopefully you all will stick around to see the "big" changes I have planned (don't worry, no website downtime will be required for me to make these changes.)

Layman's Terms: Website will begin to look nicer, and picture changes soon to come!

P.S.: Layman's terms are for those that do not natively speak American English, or have trouble understanding what I'm saying.

Anyways I hope this clears everything up for now.


dey derkur jerbs
Just an fyi when this is still happening btw that when I login to the home page it brings me back as if I am not logged in. When I click forums tho it logs me in and then if I go back to home im logged in so Tongue small wee glitch XD

Imma see if the remember me thing fixes it

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
It has nothing to do with the forums, it's you. The cache plugin I installed would've fixed it if it WAS the forums fault, if it's you there's nothing I can do but say "learn how to use a computer."

dey derkur jerbs
lol its obviously not my fault when it logs me in but tells me im not. That isnt something on my end but it could be my browser im just informing you of it not asking you to be your ass self lol

[Image: vrRUxdy.png]
But if I'm not an ass to you, how will you know that it's me? Smile

dey derkur jerbs

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