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  06-03-2020, 12:04 AM

News Update 4/22/2012
Alright everyone,
After a nice busy week for me in terms of school I was able to fix a number of things people have complained about. Unfortunately the next couple of weeks are gonna be just as busy for me so my time to be around is gonna be limited(finals and shit like that). So without further delay read below Smile

LoR Decision Making as far as clans able to join LoR is being changed a bit. Unfortunately I thought it would work with 2 clans but its the whole 1 says yes 1 says no thing that stops stuff. So until we get our 3rd stable clan, clans requesting to join LoR will go through me and I'll make a dictatorship decision. Anything other than clans joining I am still going to ask both GK and GiH their vote(if it stalemates then either ill make the final vote, or leave it be a stalemate until we get our 3rd clan).
Once we get 3 Stable clans in LoR I can then once again take a step back and let our voting process take over.(seeing as it will be a 2v1 kinda thing Tongue)

Teamspeak has changed as of today regarding clans wanting users permanently banned from the TS server and Site. It is within each clan's rights to ban whoever they want from their clan(which should include forums and TS3) Forums is already taken care of with a simple removal of permissions. TS3 is handled by channel groups as of now.

So this is how it works. Channel admins and Server admins can put guest users into a channel group by right clicking the user and hovering over set channel group. If a user is to be banned from the channel simply put him/her in the "Banned" Channel Group. The group is permanent and from then on(you have to move them out of the channel) they can no longer join that channel.

NOTE: THIS IS FOR CHANNELS, which means if a clan wants a user removed from EVERY channel they control on TS3 they have to put the user into this group in EVERY channel. May seem repetitive but this way if you do not want to completely ban someone you can just get them out of a channel. Server Admins(and there should be 1 per clan) can manually ban users by their ID. Which should be a little quicker than a Channel Admin trying to add the user to a group in every channel.

Both the GK and GiH Admin has been informed how to do this so talk to them if you want something done. DO NOT talk to an admin that is not in your clan. Example GiH wants someone banned and tells the GK admin, the GK admin is not gonna do shit, suck it up and hit the mute button until a channel admin or your admin comes on.

As usual the LoR Main channels in TS are fully public so if someone is bothering you there tell a server admin, or mute the person.

As always feel free to post comments, questions, suggestions, etc or PM me directly. Remember IF YOU DO NOT TELL ME SHIT NOTHING IS GONNA BE DONE ABOUT IT!


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1. If you want someone banned from an entire clan section without having to move them to every channel and ban them etc. Just ask me (since im the only one who actually knows how to do it easily) and ill ban them from the entire section with only a few clicks

2. Sento, i believe Gowe talked to you about bringing in his DC Universe clan into LoR. I told him to send you a pm regarding the forum layout etc.

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Ya I know about that but as I said 3 STABLE clans GiH is technically struggling and it all depends on what Gowe's clan's attitude lol

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DC Universe? One shot game, but if it makes him happy I'm all for it.

dey derkur jerbs

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