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  09-16-2019, 07:07 PM

Upcoming Server Maintenance - 10/8/14
Around noon-ish time, I will be bringing the box down for several hours.
NOTE- Do not make any map/config/file changes anytime after 2AM 10/8/14 as I will be backing up all the information, any changes past that time will be lost.

I have been working with the hosters and we are somewhat confident the issues in NYC have been fixed and we should (hopefully) be good to return to that datacenter now.

If that fails, we will be moving to a new home.

*ALL* services will be offline
When the servers return, the IP will be changed.
All players will need to re-add the servers to their favorites.
Always use ts3.gkserver.us when connecting to TS.

Please inform me of any connection issues, ping spikes, disconnects and/or crashes.
There are bound to be minor hiccups after the move, but they usually can be easily fixed as long as I am informed of them.
Good luck JaXm!

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Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera.
Anyone who wants a place to congregate while things are down, you are reminded that the backup teamspeak is ts.insanestyle.com, courtesy of Scooby.

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