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  06-17-2019, 02:50 AM

Updated Server Info (PLEASE READ)
Due to the hosters working a bit with us, they have provided us a free NYC server to test out the center with for a few days. This way, I don't need to update DNS records and change IP's all over the place.

I will be switching *just* the siege over to the NYC box for right now to test out for a few days.

New IP so it will be removed from your favorites.

It is critical as many people as possible play on the siege server during this time, I do not want to end up paying for 2 servers since this free trial will expire... If it does work out, then of course the old box will be gone and everything moved back to the new box.

So yea, get on there, get testing and I need to be informed immediately of any crashing. Just reply to this thread to report it.
Try to use this template when reporting

Symptoms (Lag, Spiking, Disconnects):
Players online:
currently empty at 215 est....im all alone...
It has often been empty during school and work hours, I would be more concerned it it's still empty when people get home Smile.
Guys, remember that this server literally JUST went up, it has no morning population to build off of. Smile

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