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  06-17-2019, 03:16 AM

Cool event!
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Hello all, I just randomly thought of something really cool while browsing around and decided to share to make it a possibility. So I guess this would be a pretty big event and would have to be planned out. What I'm thinking of is a huge battle between the two teams, The first battle is a TDM, and say my team wins this round, we move on to the next part of killing the other team, so we next attack their outpost in a seige style gameplay, if we win this, we next attack their castle in a seige style play. But if we lose the one attacking their castle, we get pushed back and have to attack their outpost again. And the battles just keep going until one team manages to seige the opposing caslte succesfully. Tell me what you think of my idea. Please ask questions if you don't understand something because I would really like this to happen, I think it would be fun as hell.

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This style has been done before between clans in the TW community. Typically its been referred to as a "Tug-of-War" event to reflect the back and forth nature of the phases.

They can be a lot of fun, though the logistics side of things is generally a pain in the ass because people don't listen to instructions or otherwise choose not to actually work together in many cases. Besides that, assuming preplanning and everything is ironed out before, the experience can be pretty rewarding.

Kudos for bringing it up.
Last one was Battle of Curaw.


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